Advanced Features

Voyent Alert! Uses Advanced Geofencing

The right information delivered to the right audience

Voyent Alert! uses advanced Geofencing capabilities to identify fixed locations as well as track moving incidents and users. The comprehensive dashboard includes embedded and programmable event parameters which allow administrators to broadcast timely and relevant notifications such as a wildfire’s speed and direction of approach, or the location and toxicity perimeter of a gas leak. Support for nested regions ensures that users will be notified if they are at a static location,  or on an escalating basis if the user is travelling toward the affected region.

Advanced Geofencing provides the communications director with greater control over the targeting of a specific audience.  Day to day communications such as advising of a water main shut-off or change in garbage day pickup can be quickly communicated only to those community members impacted by the service change.


Create Precise Alert Zones with KML / KMZ file import

Voyent Alert! can import the KML and KMZ files supplied by your GIS and mapping personnel. With one simple control, complex alert zones and regions can be made available for your custom alert templates.

Attach Photos and PDF Files to an Alert

Sometimes a notification benefits from the addition of rich media attachments like photos and pdf files. This capability is extremely helpful when reporting missing persons or stolen items, as well as identifying suspects. Use Voyent Alert! to assist in your community engagement and rural or community crime watch efforts.

Recipient Groups

Group/Team Communications are a valuable feature of Voyent Alert! most notably for internal communications within your organization.

Create any amount of Recipient Groups or teams and populate them with relevant community staff members such as civic staff, public works or emergency services personnel. When creating an alert, an administrator can choose to send a notification to only specific Recipient Group(s) rather than to the general registered public.

Recipient Acknowledgement

The Recipient Acknowledgement feature allows a simple 2 way communication to be present within an alert message. This feature can be used to call out to predefined groups for internal communication or as a critical response method during emergency alerts to the general population.


Opt Out functionality allows notification recipients to specify their message type preference for non-critical alerts. Administrators are able to create custom subscription topics for day to day notifications. End users can manage their preferences from within the app or web view.

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