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5 Ways Mass Notification Systems Can Foster Economic Recovery After COVID-19


Business and community leaders all around the globe are confronted with high-stakes decisions, some in the matters of reopening their operations, while others have contemplated the difficult choice to close their doors for good. Sure enough, the road to post-pandemic recovery will be a long and winding one. 

But one thing remains clear for businesses, organizations, and communities: we cannot go back to the way things were. Fortunately, the changes ahead can prepare our societies beyond surviving economic hardship and set the tone for how we communicate, live, work, and just about everything else. 

All-inclusive mass notification systems invite broader transformations to help communities and businesses recover, grow, and flourish. Here are five ways they can make your organization and community emerge stronger.

1. Influences effective team collaboration

In a PwC survey with over 650 CEOs, nearly 80 percent agree that remote collaboration is here to stay for the long term. The very nature of mass notification systems encourages employees to improve their workplace productivity and stay connected, whether they’re working from home or preparing to return to the office as economies open back up. That’s because communication between groups has never been easier.

Economic Recovery Post Covid - Voyent Alert

All-in-one notification systems unite team members to the same digital table. Its flexible features remove the hassle of managing multiple communication channels to ensure the right people hear your message. Depending on your type of organization, a service like this can help alert teams, employees or citizens with day-to-day updates, one-off events, and critical emergencies across all channels: mobile app, text, voice call, and email. 

Garnering critical feedback from colleagues, team members, clients and citizens becomes more streamlined with a robust mass notification system like Voyent Alert! that can support two-way communication. You can even include read receipts and consents to quickly identify and document those who have received the communication and who might require follow-up.

While the road to economic recovery may look fuzzy, it’ll likely require active levels of coordination from participants. So the ability to organize information will become more valuable, cause fewer interruptions, help teams gain focus, and build cohesive relationships that inspire informed decision-making. 

2. Protects public health

Large-scale public health emergencies like the Coronavirus may not be the last incident we endure. So governments and businesses must be prepared to quickly respond to events and accurately disseminate information to the public or employees to mitigate the damage. A highly capable emergency and everyday alerting system can communicate your message across different networks of people in the form of audio and visual alerts to desktop computers, mobile devices, and landline phones.

Mass notification system for employee safety and business continuity

Alerts can also be laser-targeted towards focused regions or groups using advanced geofencing features, which empowers administrators with greater control to send personalized and relevant information, from anywhere they are, to reach the right people with accurate information.

This means it’s possible and easy to craft unique messages to people who are based in different locations and as a result, may be impacted differently.

Freeing up time, administrators can quickly load users from an active directory and segment them into groups or zones for specific circumstances. Not to mention, government organizations and businesses can deliver visually enriched messages that provide recipients with more context. This is especially important now when providing critical communications and in the future when our societies face public health threats.

3. Simplifies everyday life for citizens

Once the dust settles, day-to-day incidents still happen. Road closures, gas leaks, community events–signals of human life–are bound to come up as we transition back into more active lifestyles. And when they do, mass notifications can do more than just handle the interruptions; they get ahead of them to reduce public inconvenience, increase awareness, and activate preparedness.

Community Alerting Notifications - Road Closure

City councillors, maintenance crews, first responders, and the like can benefit from an intuitive digital dashboard that speeds up their reaction times to make informed decisions. Mass notifications such as Voyent Alert! can automate their work, saving them valuable  time, energy, and money into crafting the right messages. Administrators can choose from pre-loaded templates, select alert types, and more to communicate effectively.

4. Supports local businesses

Outside of critical alerts and emergencies, mass notification systems serve as an everyday engagement tool for our communities. Communities can launch campaigns to support buying local goods and services, share informational notices on upcoming community events, and promote festivals, especially as we safely re-enter the world post-pandemic. Municipalities also have the opportunity to support the tourism industry post-pandemic by promoting their community alerting service to visitors, encouraging them to engage with the local community events and boost participation in small businesses.

Buy Local Initiatives to Support Community Post Covid-19
Community events post covid-19 to support economic recovery

5. Mitigates economic loss 

Disrupted global trade and upended production and supply chains across nearly every sector have contributed to staggering economic loss. But even when business operations are down, a company can still incur overhead, rent, sales loss, consumer churn, and more. 

These costs quickly add up and hurt business owners, consumers, and our economies even more.

To put a plug on revenue loss, companies need to tie their business continuity plans with a reliable and cost-effective mass notification system to combat future disruptions. These systems enhance business plans by leveraging effective communications, data monitoring, 3rd party integrations, and reporting tools to protect company assets, employee safety and operations.

Today’s alert system software goes beyond mass employee notifications. It protects the well-being of employees, improves interdepartmental communication, and prevents further economic loss. By keeping everyone connected, employers can better understand their needs, staff teams adequately and respond to incoming disturbances.

The future requires agile communication

While COVID-19 exposed many leaders to the blind spots in their operations, it also gave them the opportunity to fill in the gaps. From general communication between teams to managing public health, safety, and security for various localized regions and global populations, the pandemic has highlighted the need for strong, agile communication solutions.

Citizens expect transparent dialogue from their government officials and health care practitioners. And working professionals require reliable communication from their colleagues and employers.

Mass notifications play a vital role in our global economic recovery and beyond. These communication solutions can improve executive leadership, organizational collaboration, and the infrastructure to build better policies that keep people safe so that we can restore operations.

To discuss how a mass notification system such as Voyent Alert! can support your community or organization with economic recovery post COVID-19, contact us.