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How Mass Communication Technology Can Help Prepare Your Community During Flood Season

Floods can interrupt daily operations, cause road closures, and jeopardize the safety of citizens. That’s why organizations like yours need the right communication tools to keep community members safe and informed. 

With a mass notification system, communities can prepare to act safely when a flood event occurs and share status updates on how it’s being managed. Here are the ways Voyent Alert! can aid flood emergency preparedness in your community.

Before a flood

Because floods can escalate quickly, planning and preparation are essential, as it sets the tone for your community’s emergency response. The first step is determining your city’s flood zones–the areas most vulnerable to flood damage–and marking out the appropriate flood evacuation routes.

Leveraging Voyent Alert!, organizations can import GIS (KML & KMZ) map files into pre-existing templates to accurately designate flood planes. 

This advanced geofencing feature allows you to control complex alerts and avoid misinterpretation associated with hand-crafted alert zones.

But this alone isn’t enough. Defusing potential flooding requires the seamless coordination of organizations and response teams.

Two-way communication can help you identify which at-risk community members may need to evacuate to a designated shelter or elsewhere prior to the flood occurring. You can also facilitate a sandbagging strategy by organizing volunteers to help execute your efforts and maintain the list of recipients as an easily accessible .csv file for future events.

During a flood

When your community experiences flooding, organizations and teams must rely on an effective communication tool that can expedite messages without diminishing accuracy. 

Utilizing multi-channel delivery makes it possible to send geo-targeted evacuation orders to citizens residing in flood planes across various user channels. These context-rich notifications can include personalized map directions and emergency instructions to help make decision-making more intuitive in stressful situations.

Additionally, you can reassure non-evacuees with status updates using the All-Region notification feature. Informing all residents with curated responses, whether they’re directly or adjacently affected by an event, reduces public panic and anxiety.

Flood Advisory - Contextual Alerting

And when it matters most, emergency response teams, city council members, and city maintenance crews can communicate directly and privately with their internal members using Recipient Groups to mitigate flood damage to property and citizens. 

By providing evacuation warnings for at-risk neighbourhoods and identifying washed-out roadways within an alert, you can help your community respond intelligently to weather-related events that can turn on a dime. This includes messages that instruct citizens to avoid low-lying areas such as ravines or underpasses that could flood quickly.

After a flood

The aftermath of a flood can present substantial damage and community hazards that all citizens should be aware of either upon their return to their homes or re-entry outside. You can easily declare and advise when it’s safe to re-enter your property, notify citizens of any public buildings, structures, or washed out roadways that are compromised by embedding them in the map, issue boil water advisories or updates on power outages and when operations are expected to return to normal.

Moreover, floods often call for road repairs and restoration efforts, which often depend on collective involvement. By using an efficient communication service, you can help rally community volunteers to organize clean-up crews by putting out a public call for participation using the Volunteer topic group.

Businesses and homes that are impacted by flood damage may also seek financial relief and recovery assistance through provincial and federal grant programs after emergencies that cause uninsurable loss and damage. These helpful resources can be provided to the public through an all-inclusive digital platform like Voyent Alert!

Community safety

Staying informed during emergencies can save lives. Protect your community with Voyent Alert! to send critical, life-saving alerts to the public and coordinate actions between internal teams. To learn more about keeping your community safe, informed, and engaged, book a free trial today.