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How Mass Notification Can Help Property Management Groups Boost Their Bottom Line

As a property manager, your job doesn’t always come easy. You’re tasked with the responsibility of controlling costs and maintaining profitability, all while keeping your tenants and staff happy. It’s quite the balancing act, but the good news is technology is making strides in property management to bring a little more ease into the mix.

Turning to a digital solution like a mass notification system can help improve your property’s bottom line without compromising the quality of the outcome. Imagine having more time to focus on other tasks or to streamline your planning, save on operational costs, and provide tenants with a better experience that increases your profitability.

Today, all this is made possible with an intelligent mass notification system (MNS). Here are some ways a MNS can increase your property’s bottom line and prove an attractive ROI to executives.

Better engagement = happier tenants and less churn

Good communication is the answer to most problems in property management, and an MNS can give you the ability to step in front of problems before they occur or resolve them before they get worse. Since tenants dread drawn-out exchanges and complicated procedures, you can exceed their expectations with swift and simple communications, which can save them time and convenience while keeping them safe and informed.

Using digital features like enriched alerting, you can effectively communicate with your tenants through a regular touchpoint, where both of you have access to the same documents and resources that set you on the same page. Easily keep tenants in the loop by providing them with notices on social events, board meetings, community watch incidents, security risks or upgrades to building facilities. You can even include read receipts and consents to quickly identify and keep track of those who’ve received your notice and who might require follow up.

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What makes a MNS’ impact on your bottom line especially attractive? Its domino effect in improving your ROI.

By keeping tenants informed, you naturally decrease frustration and cultivate a stronger sense of accountability. Engaged tenants become less likely to move, which reduces the amount of paperwork involved in ending their lease, your loss of income, and the effort and cost of searching for a replacement. 

Another benefit a mass notification system adds to your property management group is the value of targeting your messages to those who need it. Rather than sending out a batch and blast email (regardless of your tenants’ interests or situation), a MNS allows you to pinpoint your communications from a handful of units, to a specific floor, or the entire building or complex, saving you massive resources and valuable time.

Schedule rent reminders and updates on regular maintenance 

Two-way communications with read receipts and recipient response ensure that your tenants get your message. With an advanced mass communication tool, you can send gentle reminders of upcoming rent payments by scheduling them in advance or follow up on late payments on an automated platform. Chasing down late payments can be a time-consuming process, but a tool that keeps track of reporting and analytics can cut your workload in half to save you valuable time and resources.

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You can also save tenants the frustration from last-minute building updates like elevator maintenance, parade closures, or community events with road closures by scheduling all these notices in advance on a digital platform. Plus, the fewer notices you have to print on paper and time spent delivering goes toward proving your ROI.

Meet and exceed regulatory compliance

Giving your tenants notice before a visit is more than just good manners – it’s often a legislated requirement.

And failure to comply may result in strained tenant relationships and even serious legal fines. Regulatory compliance is easier to meet with a tool that can document receipt of various information, which can resolve conflicts or serve as proof of incidents should there be any disputes between you and your tenants.

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Highly effective mass notification systems come with features that help navigate your relationships with tenants for the better, including reports that can identify the delivery, receipt, and date and time of your sent notices. You can also refer back to the multiple channels your messages were sent on, and don’t need to rely on memory to verify if something was said and done or not.

Traditionally, you’d have to print off your notices, visit your property, and drop them off. With a digital communication solution at your fingertips, you can deal with these activities from any location and device, saving you extra time and money. Eliminating the need to perform these manual tasks directly contributes to a positive ROI and is a service that essentially pays for itself.

Optimize business continuity with third-party integrations

In the face of large-scale incidents such as a service outage, tenants usually have to wait to hear from their property managers to understand when problems are expected to be resolved. In many cases, tenants may not receive any communications at all, leaving them in the dark in more ways than one.

Delayed communication causes inconvenience and frustration, and can even pose threats to the health and safety of tenants and employees on the property. Fortunately, third-party integrations can work alongside your existing processes, without adding more work to address these issues in advance. 

By monitoring proprietary data streams, mass notification solutions can alert you of upcoming issues before they occur, such as local weather-related advisories issued by your city or unsafe levels of pool chemicals in your property’s shared swimming pools. This way, you can provide faster, more effective responses to keep everyone safe and informed.

Boost staff productivity

One of the most effective ways to improve staff performance and workflow is equipping your employees with the tools to simplify their work. The ability to send one message across multiple channels can save your property staff valuable time and help them overcome traditional communication barriers, like not knowing whether their message was received or reached the right people. 

With the help of a robust mass notification service, you can achieve better coordination between maintenance crews, administrative staff, and property managers.

Two-way communication between teams accelerates the actions required by relevant parties and promotes efficient collaboration. This ensures your business remains on target with its goals such as the time it takes to resolve complaints, the percentage of vacancies per year, and overall tenant churn.

Employee safety

The health and well-being of staff members is a top priority for property management groups, as your employees are an invaluable asset to your business. That’s where facilitating staff check-ins and automating call-outs come in handy. Mass notification platforms can double as everyday communication tools and emergency alerting services. You can monitor the location of your workforce to ensure their safety and notify them about real-time events that may affect them. In the case of a critical event, you can help keep them out of harm’s way by providing personalized maps, muster points, and relevant information to make better-informed decisions.

Emergencies happen, and you need to have a defensible plan in place to keep your building staff and tenants safe and informed. Whether you’re dealing with power outages, floods, or fires, you’ll need to reach your team quickly.

Some mass notification solutions, like Voyent Alert! include features that allow your staff to immediately flag their locations during an incident or notify others on the team for support, all through the click of a button.

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Choose the right solution

Voyent Alert! is a SaaS solution that integrates with your property management operations to provide a seamless experience for your tenants and property staff. Increase your bottom line and prove ROI by streamlining your workflows and reducing churn, save on time and costs, and keep everyone safe and happy.

Book a free demo with Voyent Alert to see how it can improve internal and external communications for your property management business, while proving it’s ROI.