Extreme weather conditions, vehicle collisions, flooding, avalanches or mudslides can bottleneck routes or be cause for road closures, which increases stress and frustration for members in your community.

Help keep your community safe and informed by sending personalized and enriched notifications that can alert recipients of the hazards to expect before they get on the road and encourage them to avoid or limit travel in certain areas.

Context rich notifications can include detour routing, safety procedures and emergency instructions for users on the go. Alerts can be localized to a specific area or sent to an entire region via advanced geofencing.

Easily include:


VEHICLE COLLISIONS: include route detours, personalized directions, and map visuals.

ROAD & HIGHWAY CLOSURES: include visual map directions of the closure, information on route detours, safety information, timelines for the road to be re-opened, as well as hyperlinks to informative websites. Easily revise the alert once the road is open.

SNOW ROUTE PARKING BANS: include visual map directions of the specific routes impacted and information on when the ban is lifted via an alert revision. A custom template can be created and pre-loaded with the impacted routes on the map via KML/KMZ files long before alert is needing to be sent out. Easily save time and resources with our custom templates and advanced geofencing.

AVALANCHE DANGER RATINGS & RISKS:  include recommendations such as postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve and other avalanche safety tips.

ICE JAMS: include important safety information, images, personalized map directions and emergency instructions if needed. Areas prone to ice jams with narrow sections, tight bends and confluences near a river, can benefit from a custom template with impacted areas pre-loaded via KML/KMZ files as well.

EXTREME SNOWFALL WARNINGS: include important safety information, emergency instructions, and hyperlinks to more information.

EXTREME WIND WARNINGS: include important safety information and hyperlinks to more information.

FLOODING: include embedded location of the nearest emergency reception centres or shelter, shelter address including a hyperlink and phone information, custom messaging based on location and proximity to the event, and important safety information.

FREEZING WATER MAINS: include route detours, personalized map directions, and links to more information on your website.

Engaging with your community on a day-to-day basis to keep them apprised of important notices that can affect their daily lives can help mitigate stressful or dangerous situations and contribute to the overall well-being of your community. It also contributes to user engagement and registration.

In general, client communities, who issued alerts at a rate of one notification a month or more, experienced an organic registration rate 5-10X higher than communities that issued at a rate of 1-2 alerts per year.  Read more about how day-to-day notices can help increase engagement and adoption of your mass notification service.

In addition, help keep your municipal, city, or town workers safe when they are on site trying to rectify a situation by advising people to avoid areas that are experiencing hazardous conditions. 

Less traffic can help decrease any potential risks for your employees and the rest of the community.

Help reduce stress & frustration this winter and speak to one of our solution specialists to learn more about how Voyent Alert! can help you with community engagement.

Community Alerting Notifications - Road Closure