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How to Evaluate Your ROI on a Mass Notification System

How effective is your organization’s reach? When matters of life and death hang in the balance, you want to make the most informed decisions and not look back. 

Maybe you’re a university administrator that needs to notify your faculty when there’s an active shooter on campus. 

Or perhaps you’re a Fire Chief or a community communications specialist that is responsible for alerting the public in times of crisis. 

Or it could be that you’re a property management group dealing with the repair of a flood that affects multiple units. 

Whatever the case may be, the need for effective communications within organizations cannot be ignored. 

Fortunately, today’s modern technology can provide organizations with the seamless communication tools they need to keep their employees, citizens, residents, and students safe and informed. 

Many organizations are turning to mass notification systems (MNS) as a preventative measure to protect the well-being of their people, property, and business assets and better operationalize daily activities and their function as a business.

The multipurpose nature of a MNS, such as Voyent Alert!, empowers you to send the right information to the right people and employ smarter and faster responses during crises and non-emergency events. When properly implemented, a MNS can result in revenue savings and significant ROI. 

As a decision-maker, these are some factors you should consider when determining whether to invest in a mass notification system and how to get the most out of your return on investment.

Emergencies and critical situations

A MNS allows you to reach any number of stakeholders, whether it’s staff or constituents, as quickly as possible. With built-in audience segmentation, you can split your employees into groups according to their roles and location, which can help limit business interruption when emergencies only impact a specific area of your business.

So when you encounter incidents such as a gas leak or severe weather changes, you have the ability to quickly get in touch with the right employees and citizens to enhance their safety and minimize preventable injuries and fatalities.

  • Employee safety and well-being: Preventing everyday injury and even saving one life is priceless. Two-way communication and recipient responses give you real-time insights about your employees’ whereabouts, and whether or not they’re in harm’s way. A robust MNS can quickly confirm safety and exit points via geolocation.

  • Site evacuations: The ability to send targeted and enriched media alerts can be the difference between a successful or failed evacuation. Alerts that provide more context and situational awareness to your employees, such as information like the distance and direction from an incident, can help them get to safety faster. 

  • Field alerting: Because incidents can turn on a dime, you’ll want to send notifications and receive updates while you’re on the go. Employees can initiate alerts in as few as three clicks from anywhere with a cell or internet access to keep teams in the know about ongoing situations that impact either a select few members or your entire organization.
Site Evacuation Employee Safety

Integration of day-to-day benefits

A MNS is good for more than just protecting the safety and well-being of your employees.

When measuring the potential ROI, you need to look beyond its functionality in emergency events and discover what these tools can offer on a daily basis. Employing a MNS in these broader, day-to-day contexts can give you a more accurate reading of your investment:

  • Informational announcements: Stay informed about maintenance that affects your business, so you can plan accordingly. Schedule reminders for upcoming facility closures to save you time and valuable resources. 

  • Team coordination: Optimize your internal communication strategy by targeting relevant team members. Notify your employees with status updates on a project or job site by creating custom groups for entire departments, such as parks and recreation, sales teams, or select individuals.

  • Corporate events and meetings: Send reminders on staff meetings, training, and other informational notices that influence the productivity and successful operations of your business.
Mass notification system for employee safety

When integrating a MNS into your business’ day-to-day operations, you can track, poll, and communicate data across various units and team members without delay. Advanced systems may even include read receipts, a feature that identifies who has received your communications and those that require follow-up.

By streamlining communications to those whose work depends on it, mass notification technology can significantly enhance collaboration between internal team members and, consequently, experience a boost in productivity, which results in a healthier ROI.

Speed and reach 

Unlike traditional marketing and communication tactics that rely on snail mail, bulletins, and paper notices, mass notification systems have a more pervasive reach in less time. Once businesses evaluate the processes, tools, and procedures they already have in place, they can apply a MNS to improve the speed and reach at which messages can be sent and received. 

Rather than duplicating your efforts and sending several different messages to large groups or populations, you can target your message to those who need your information based on their relative location to the event. 

This way, you can redirect the saved time and money towards other important areas of operations, so it ensures you reach only the people that the incident affects and avoid disrupting others. For example, if there’s a public incident near your site, you can notify select employees as they approach that area or are within it using advanced geofencing.

Often compatible with various devices and multi-channel delivery, a MNS can also seamlessly connect with diverse audiences through desktop computers, mobile devices, and the platforms in which recipients are most likely to tune into a message. 

With extra cost savings and more valuable time added back to business performance, organizations can gauge internal and external participation, satisfaction, and overall engagement levels, which offer a positive return on investment.

Workplace and employee satisfaction

Every organization relies on motivated and focused employees to do their jobs well. However, businesses naturally undergo employee turnover, and the cost to replace a salaried employee can range from six to nine months on average. 

While it’s not possible to eliminate employee turnover in full, a mass notification solution can consistently reach an organization’s workforce, share updates, and resources to support them.

Companies can assess workplace and employee satisfaction, attitudes, and culture through polling to help them better engage and retain their staff. Features like two-way communications empower workers to submit feedback to company leaders and HR about improving business operations and performance. By completing simple polls and surveys, the feedback garnered can reduce replacement costs, resources, and time. 

Additionally, when your organization experiences a sudden surge in workload (for example, due to the demand of servicing a power outage or reporting to the Emergency Operations Centre), you can easily ask if your employees are available to work and view their responses in real-time. You can contact your entire staff or target specific teams and work units.

Business continuity and trust

Operations can come to a full stop when organizations face an emergency. Eventually, when things get back up and running, they can rely on a MNS to resume their business quickly and efficiently by reaching every device. 

With the help of a MNS, you can issue advisory alerts by monitoring data streams, so you can mitigate problems quicker and accelerate a response. Once an emergency situation passes, you can provide follow-up information and important notices that detail the next steps to ensure the continual safety. Your return on investment can be directly measured by the number of lives saved, injuries avoided, and time it takes to initiate and resolve an action. 

The right solution for you

How much a mass notification system can benefit your organization will largely depend on your application. Here is a checklist of questions to consider when calculating your potential ROI on a MNS:

Mass notification solutions like Voyent Alert! are worthwhile long-term investments, especially when you consider its utility based on both emergency and non-emergency contexts. Book a free trial today to learn how it can improve your organization’s overall business performance.