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How We Support You

Support is more than just customer service and solving technical problems. How can we make your everyday easier with Voyent Alert! and support your community help keep them safe and connected?


We are committed to ensuring you get the right message out to the right people at the right time.

To make sure you can easily send a message when you need, you are provided with a dedicated account representative who is responsible for day-to-day training and support operations to get you up and running. You are also provided with after-hours support access with one of our team members based in Calgary, AB and Victoria, BC.

After-hours support has the ability to resolve client issues via phone, email, or desktop sharing. If required, off-hours support staff has the ability to expedite support cases. In addition to providing conventional technical and recipient user support, we provide a concierge service that further provides the ability to assist you in the authoring and transmission of communications in the event personnel are not available to do so themselves.

Combined with human support available on a 24/7/365 basis our online environments provide clients and recipients with access to separate knowledge bases, videos, FAQs, training, and operational collateral.

You will be well prepared to send a notification quickly and easily.



Contribute to and support the overall well-being of your community by keeping residents informed and engaged with day to day notifications that will help make their lives easier. Notify residents of upcoming construction work, public notices, facility closures, or trail closures, so they can plan ahead and make the best decision for them and their families.

A simple enriched notification can make a difference in someone’s day, so they are not stuck in traffic because of a road closure due to construction work or make plans to find out where they are going is closed or not accessible.

It has been shown that communities, who issue alerts at a rate of one notification a month or more, experience an organic registration rate 5-10X higher than communities that issue at a rate of 1-2 alerts per year. Thus, both day-to-day and emergency notifications are driving organic registration growth rates significantly higher than those that just send emergency notifications.


Together we will help you launch in your community. We help increase user adoption by offering sample web and social media content as well as customized press-ready artwork with your logo to drive resident registration in your community. This includes banners, posters, one-pagers, mailers, social media graphics and captions.

With Voyent Alert! support is all encompassing. Touch base with one of our community engagement team members to discuss how we can help you and your community stay safe and informed during both emergencies and day to day ongoings.


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