Claire Halpin from Chestermere, AB | Voyent Alert!

Claire Halpin from Chestermere, AB

1. How do you find Voyent Alert! helps you?

For time sensitive emergencies, Voyent Alert! has been a great tool to rapidly notify our residents and provide them with reliable and accurate information about the incident.

For example, we recently had an active shooter incident and we were able to quickly notify residents in the incident region order to help keep them safe and informed, as well as the entire region to provide information about the current situation.

This critical incident ended up driving a lot of awareness of the Voyent Alert! service, and in turn resident registrations, due to community members wanting to stay safe and informed.

2. How has this product made your job easier?

With Voyent Alert! we have a really engaged audience that uses the app to find information. It has helped in communicating relevant information to our citizens.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have used it disseminate accurate information from the Emergency Operations Centre and keep our community members informed from a local and trusted source.


3. What do you find to be the most useful features about it?

Having used a competitor’s product prior, we were really excited about the GPS accuracy which offers the ability to target specific locations with Voyent Alert! and provide residents with two different notifications/alerts based on their location and relevance. In using the service, we have found that the entire region does like to stay informed and receive information to stay in the loop, so it is helpful to have the option to send tiered notifications.

Group functionality has also become important and useful as an internal communications tool for our team members in emergency situations. For example, our Fire Services Team has set up their own group, so that Crew A can easily use Voyent Alert! to send a notification requesting additional support crews for an emergency. Previously, an administrator would have had to call each team member individually on Crew B, but now the notification goes immediately to all of the Crew B team members at the same time and they can respond through the Voyent Alert! application. This helps save time and valuable resources in an emergency.



Similarly, we have used Voyent Alert! group functionality and the two-way communication feature as a tool to request personnel come to the Emergency Operations Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic. Again, this saves time and valuable resources during a crisis.

4. How have you been able to engage your community with it?

We have been able to engage our community by requesting feedback on what kind of alerts the community members find helpful and would like to continue to see. We received responses back from the community and have used it to tailor what kind of alerts/notifications we send out.


5. How has the engagement impacted registration?

Relevance seems to be key, as we have nearly doubled our registrants due to COVID-19. People are seeking information from community officials, and Voyent Alert! has been helpful in disseminating accurate and local information to citizens easily and quickly.

Since implementing the program about 6 months ago, we have seen awareness around the service gain traction and registration increase accordingly.


6. What are some ways that you have used it, that you have found to be effective?

We found it useful for sending out information regarding structure fires as well as weather alerts, as we are subject to some extreme weather conditions in our location. These alerts really helped build awareness about the service and increased registration each time we sent out an alert due to the relevance. Whenever we send an alert, we also post the alert on social with a link to register to drive awareness and registration.


7. What do your citizens think of the program and what kind of feed back are you receiving?

Feedback from citizens has been positive due to Voyent Alert’s! easy to use nature.


8. Any final feedback about the Voyent Alert Service!?

Administration of Voyent Alert! is incredibly easy and we can use it for all the reasons that we selected the service.


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