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Examples ofReal-World Success

Helping Hampers

Communities reached out with a helping hand and food hampers during the COVID-19 Crisis.

The Town of Torbay, Newfoundland used Voyent Alert! to directly contact their community members about available food hampers. The unexpected financial hardship of COVID, left many families, previously unfamiliar with food assistance programs, in need. By contacting constituents directly with key information about the application process the program was made more accessible.

Digital Council Correspondence

Including the call-in information in a notification to makes attending an online meeting as easy as a click of a button.

Due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s has switched to digital council meetings. Using Voyent Alert! they informed the community about this change and provided the access details directly to their device. By doing so, community members can simply click the link or phone number and log into the meeting directly from the alert.

Tax Talk

Tax season can be a stressful time. Send clear and informative information directly to community members to minimize worry and maximize clarity.

The Town of Kindersley, Saskatchewan used Voyent Alert! to tell their constituents the tax deadline was extended during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the communication was sent directly to the individual, it assisted all members of the community, including those who may not have known to look.

Flood Evacuation

During an emergency quick and efficient communication is key. As waters rise, you can use Voyent Alert!

To inform your community of their next steps. When faced with region wide flooding, the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary issued a series of alerts informing constituents about the status of the flooding and evacuation requirements, giving community members time to prepare.

Waste Removal

Avoid any Waste Removal messes with Voyent Alert! reminders and service change notifications.

The Town of Portugal Cove- St. Philip’s and The Town of Falher, are just some of the communities using Voyent Alert! to inform their communities about changes to regularly scheduled garbage and waste removal. When a truck breaks down or a holiday sneaks up, you can keep the cans on the curb with a quick and easy notification.

Wildfire Warnings

In the event of a Fire, Voyent Alert! can help you communicate specific and personalized next steps to all of your community members.

Whether an individual needs to evacuate immediately, prepare for a potential evacuation, or simply be aware of a fire in the region, you can provide that information in a single alert. In addition, our personalization features will automatically reflect each individual’s specific circumstances, ensuring they have the tools to make the best and most informed decisions.

Community Consultation

When making important decisions for your community, consultation is key.

Voyent Alert! can help. The Town of Falher and Athabasca County in Alberta have been issuing informational notifications to their constituents regarding upcoming Public Hearings and Permit Decisions. Notifying impacted members of the community with Voyent Alert! allows individuals to stay informed about upcoming developments and encourages civic engagement.

Pesticide Protection

Notifications don’t all have to be serious – especially if its regarding the war against weeds!

The Town of White City, Saskatchewan informed their community about upcoming pesticide application with a smile. Or should I say, an Austrian Accent… “Hasta la Vista Weeds!”.

Not only, does this alert brighten ones’ day but it also provides important information regarding park maintenance and pet safety.

Outbound from the Pound

Reuniting our furry friends with their families has taken a digital turn!

The City of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan has been using Voyent Alert! to notify the community of impounded pets. Including a photo of the picked-up pup makes identification easy and a specific “Impounded Pets” Public Topic ensures only those with four-legged family members receive the alerts.

Road Closures & Construction Communications

Reduce road rage by informing your residents of upcoming road work.

Wheatland County in Alberta, is one of many communities who has used Voyent Alert! to provide  information regarding scheduled road closures and construction. With advanced warning, community members can arrange alternate travel routes to avoid the area and traffic headaches. Helping to keep both community members and your workers safe and happy.

Boosting “Buy Local”

Encourage members of your community to support local business through an interactive coupon or prize campaign.

The Town of Peace River, Alberta, has begun a “Buy Local” movement. Community members registered for Voyent Alert! receive notifications highlighting local businesses. As incentive to visit alerts include a special coupon or deal.

Community Watch

Include your constituents in keeping the community safe.

Northern Sunrise County in Alberta has created a Crime Watch community within Voyent Alert!. Individuals who optionally participate in the “Community Watch” public topic, will be informed of incidents occurring across the County. One-click call-in information allows members to easily share
any information they may know.

Boil Water Bulletins

Quickly inform residents of necessary boil water requirements.

Over the span of five days, the Town of Crossfield, Alberta, sent 9 alerts informing and updating their community about a boil water advisory affecting the area. The consistent communication shared key information about the developing situation and how individuals should react.

Trail Closures & Park Policies

Keep your constituents safely on the path… or off of it!

With a Voyent Alert! notification you can tell community members about park access and trail  conditions. Sending the news directly to their device can prevent parkgoers from visiting before they even leave the house.

Service Disruptions & Suspensions

Calm constituents panicking about power outages and help communities prepare for when the water goes off. Wheatland County, in Alberta, keeps residents across the region informed about any scheduled or unplanned service disruptions. With Voyent Alert’s geofencing capabilities they ensure they contact only individuals impacted by service interruption. Leaving those on the other side of the county to use their power in peace.