Critical Event Notifications

About Voyent Alert!

Voyent Alert! is an affordable smart notification service specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized municipalities, regional governments and school districts. The flexible platform serves the dual purpose of alerting and advising residents during a critical incident as well as providing targeted day-to-day communication services.

Critical Event Notifications

Unfortunate events such as accidents, gas leaks, fires, floods, and tornadoes can strike at any time. Despite best efforts, getting a warning out to constituents via conventional methods may not be enough. Voyent Alert! utilizes several communication channels such as smart device notifications, text messages, email and text to landline, to ensure that citizens are made aware of imminent danger.  When an alert is issued, complex algorithms are engaged to locate all municipal registered users and send context specific messages based on the user’s proximity to the event.

Wildfire in vicinity – A Real World Use Case

In this use case a wildfire is burning west of town. High westerly winds are pushing the fire closer to the border of town. While emergency crews are working hard to contain the fire, there is an imminent threat of danger for all nearby occupants. A town administrator issues a Voyent Alert! critical notification.


critical use case


Voyent Alert! immediately detects all users in the area and calculates their distance from the incident.  A user within, or very near the impacted area will be notified and given evacuation instructions. This level of personalized content is critical in a time of crisis.  When a user registers for Voyent Alert! he/she can add additional important locations such as workplace, a child’s school or a relative’s home. When a user is not located in a critical threat zone,  but any of their additional locations are, the user will be notified, and can take action accordingly.

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