Everyday Communications

About Voyent Alert!

Voyent Alert! is an affordable smart communication platform specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized municipalities, regional governments and school districts. The flexible platform serves the dual purpose of alerting and advising residents during a critical incident as well as providing targeted day-to-day communication services.

Everyday Communications

Snow removal day, garbage day change, street cleaning, civic events, bylaw changes; these everyday type communications require heralding. Voyent Alert! can help!
Traditionally much time, effort and cost can be associated with these announcements, everything from placing signage, advertisements, social media posts or sending mail.  By leveraging Voyent Alert! as a multi purpose notification platform, community administrators can send municipal announcements for a fraction of the cost and effort over traditional methods.

Non-critical notifications can be sent to an entire municipality or specifically targeted audiences, depending on the circumstance. Administrators can easily define a specific region to notify of street cleaning or water main shut off. Only the impacted residents will be notified. Keeping notifications relevant to the audience helps to ensure that a message is not ignored.



Engage the community by using Voyent Alert! to easily send announcements for upcoming elections, town meetings, festivals, markets, parades, sporting events and more! This is a user friendly tool, designed to do so much more than the occasional critical notification.
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