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How do I register to try out the system?

Contact us to arrange for a free trial or demo.  We offer complimentary trials of the Voyent Alert! system.  We will provide you with links to register and create a test region for your community, as well as links for end users.

Is extensive training required to use the system?

No.  While we do provide training materials and support contacts, the system itself very intuitive and simple to use.  Tool tip assistance is built into the product to guide you along.  If you do run into troubles, just give us a shout.  We are always happy to assist.

How do our community members register?

End users can register either by downloading the Voyent Alert! mobile app accessible through the various app stores or by clicking on a link that we will provide to you for web-based registration.  Registration is simple and anonymous.  End users register for our account by way of postal code entry (a code from your community), or by selecting your region on a map.

Can visitors or residents outside of the municipality register for Voyent Alert?

Yes. A visitor or person who resides outside the municipality can register by entering the name of the municipality or an address within it at the time of registration.  That person will be notified if any alerts are sent out that pertain to any of the “My Locations” they may have set.  They will receive those notifications even if they are outside the region of interest.