Advanced Geofencing


The right information delivered to the right audience. Using advanced geofencing capabilities, easily define a precise region of users to notify via the construction of unique alert zones and shapes.  Whether it is one street or many, only the impacted residents are notified. You have greater control over the targeting of your message.

The comprehensive dashboard includes embedded and programmable event parameters which allow you to broadcast timely and relevant notifications such as a target regions size and/or shape as well as an individual recipient’s distance and direction from the event location.

The editor supports multiple types of geofenced zones, including the creation of circular, polygon, square, nested and all region zones. Alert zones can be manually resized or reshaped at the time of issuance or they can be fixed and anchored when imported from other third-party systems.

Advanced geofencing provides you with the ability to send targeted messaging and ensure that messages received by recipients are relevant to them. This aids in building user confidence in the system and reduces overall message fatigue.

Contextual alerting

Depending on the location of the individual, or an individual’s followed location(s) (i.e., home vs office etc.) different alerts may be received. Zones can be nested so that:

  • Users that are closer to an event would receive an Evacuation Alert
  • Users at a greater distance can receive an Advisory


Zone and zone types can be mixed within the body of the same alert. This allows you to send the right message to the right people at the same time and escalate an alert if the user is travelling toward the affected region.

Create PreciseAlert Zones

Import GIS map files in KML and KMZ formats to ensure high fidelity map resolution and avoid any misinterpretation that may be associated with the creation of hand-crafted alert zones. Accurately designate flood planes or Tsunami risk zones as well as garbage/recycling pick up routes with this integration. With one simple control, complex alert zones and regions can be made available for your custom alert templates.