Two-Way Communication & Receipt

Stay ConnectedAnd Informed

Gain real time insights and make quicker more informed decisions when you receive status updates from citizens, employees and/or emergency responders with two-way communication.

Embed simple questions along with pre-loaded responses in the body of the alert and instantly view the response status via a map interface, or in an exportable table format.  People can quickly and easily respond to these queries with one click and provide important real-time insights. 

This feature can be used to call out to predefined groups for internal communication, as a critical response method during emergency alerts to the general population, or to garner feedback and engagement from your community.


To help prioritize resources and save valuable time, assess who has received your message with a read receipt using a simple poll. In addition, you can obtain lists of recipients contact information and impacted locations from which confirmations were not received. This can be useful when sending notifications that require that recipients receive it, such as boil water advisories or evacuation orders.  You can identify that the message has both been received by the device (a computer or answering machine) as well as seen and acknowledged by the individual. Simply write “Please Confirm Receipt” as the question and “Yes” as the answer.


Evacuation Shelter Assistance:  During an evacuation event, communities can reach out to users to assess whether they will be evacuating to the shelter or elsewhere. Feedback can assist with dispatching volunteers, managing influx, and assessing supplies.

Safety Meeting Attendance Confirmation Request: Do you plan on attending the town council meeting yes/no?