3. Adding and Removing Users in a Recipient Group - Voyent Alert!

3. Adding and Removing Users in a Recipient Group

Adding Users into a Recipient Group

In order to be eligible for addition to a Recipient Group, a User must identify his/her self via the My Profile settings in either the mobile app or the web interface. The mobile app view is shown here. Once registered, user names will populate a list for an administrator to select from.

1) Select My Profile from the left side menu.

2) Enter first and last name, then press the SAVE CHANGES button.


3)  From the Admin web interface select Recipient Groups from the menu on the left hand side. Select the Recipient Group to add Users to. Press the EDIT button. In the Edit dialog press the ADD RECIPIENTS button.


4) Select the User to add. If the list is long start typing the name into the filter field to narrow the results. Once the name is located, click to select it then press the ADD SELECTED button. You can select multiple names from the list to add at one time.


5) The Recipient Group now shows the new member in the list. Press SAVE GROUP to finish.

To remove a member, select their name in the list and click the garbage can icon. Press SAVE GROUP to finish.


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