10. Building Stacked Zones - Voyent Alert!

10. Building Stacked Zones


What are stacked zones and when do you use them:

  • In a critical event styled alert there is a notion that the closer you get to the epicenter of an event the greater the risk or hazard.
  • Stacked zones allow you to build concentric zones around a common alert epicenter. Each zone has its own notification messaging even though they share common features.
  • Stacked zones can be moved and resized together.
  • As a person moves through a stacked zone, or conversely as a stacked zone alert moves over a person or a “My Location”, sequences of escalating notifications can be sent.

Follow steps as outlined in the images below:

Steps 1 and 2 – Building a Stacked Zone


Steps 3 and 4 – More about Stacked Zones


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