7. Changing the Colour, Shape and Size of Zones - Voyent Alert!

7. Changing the Colour, Shape and Size of Zones


Follow steps as outlined below:

1) To resize a zone – Select a zone, click the Adjust Area button, then move your mouse up or down to resize the zone. The map will now automatically zoom out when you are enlarging the zone area and zoom in when decreasing the zone area.

2) To change the shape of a polygonal zone – Select a zoneclick the Adjust Shape button. Once clicked the reshaping controls will appear along the borders of the polygon. Click and drag vertices to reshape the zone.
*Note – Adjust Shape does not apply to circular zones.

3) To change the colour of a zone – Select the Adjust Colour button and select a new color from the palette.


The editor supports distance and location awareness via popup tooltip indicators when sizing and moving zones. You can use these to enter a specific size or lat/long location for a zone.



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