3. Creating and Sending a Mobile Alert - Voyent Alert!

3. Creating and Sending a Mobile Alert

Creating and Sending a Mobile Alert

1) When a mobile device is linked, the menu within the Voyent Alert mobile app will include the Mobile Admin menu item. Tap Mobile Admin to bring up the alert templates.
Read about linking a mobile device here.


2) Mobile Admins must log into the app on the device each time that they access the Mobile Admin feature. This is an important security measure that will prevent additional people who may have access to the device from accidentally sending alerts (i.e. kids, spouse etc.). Please ensure your password is strong and not used in other applications.


3) Upon successful login a menu of non-editable premade mobile alert templates becomes available. Select the template to be used in the alert.

Custom defined mobile templates can be created and added via the web application.
Read more about defining templates here.


4)  Once an alert is selected a notification zone is displayed. Zoom controls are available. If satisfied with the zone press PREVIEW. Pressing BACK will return you to the alert template selections.


5)  Upon pressing preview an estimated number of notifications to be sent is displayed. Press ACTIVATE NOW to send the alert.  Once activated a count down timer runs for 5 seconds which allows the administrator to cancel the alert if required. Pressing CANCEL  will return you to the alert overview.


An administrator can end any alert form their device.

From the Mobile Admin view, select the alert to end. Then select End Alert.



End of Mobile Alert Tutorial


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