9. Ending, Revising and Viewing an Alert - Voyent Alert!

9. Ending, Revising and Viewing an Alert

After an alert has been sent it can be Viewed, Revised and Ended

1) Select the Alerts tab.

2) Filter which alerts are viewed via the pull down menu.

3) To view an alert press the View button. This provides a passive status view of any active alert.

4) To update or revise an alert press the Revise button. This action places the active alert back into editing mode. From here you can modify the alert zones and text, go through the preview mode and activate again.

5) To end an alert, select the alert from the list and press the End button.



6) Revised alerts are shown as Deprecated and can be viewed when filtering by State > All.


7) IMPORTANT – When revising an alert that utilizes Acknowledgement, the existing Acknowledgement question and answers can not be changed. The editing controls will be disabled as shown below.


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