11. Entire Region Zones - Voyent Alert!

11. Entire Region Zones

Entire Region Zone

At times you may want to send an alert to all end users registered to your region. You can do so by toggling the Entire Region button (looks like a globe) from the Zone Editor panel in the top right corner of the map. The Entire Region zone dialog is usually populated with general information about the alert event for those who are not near the alert area and are not in immediate danger. The Entire Region zone can also be used on its own in non-critical alerts such as announcing civic events , fire bans and other general messaging.

The Entire Region Zone comes with it’s own set of variables within the template text editor:

  • AlertName
  • RegionName
  • ZoneName
  • IssueDateTime
  • ScheduledEndDateTime
  • Severity

Variables that indicate customized information such as Affected Location, Distance to Zone, Direction to Zone etc. are not available for use in Entire Region zones.

See more on Variables here

An alert template can contain several nested zones, each with separate alert information, and an Entire Region Zone.

General alerts can be sent using an Entire Region zone on its own.

Remove an Entire Region zone simply by toggling the Entire Region button a 2nd time.


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