10. Important Alert Considerations - Voyent Alert!

10. Important Alert Considerations


How long can Alerts take to send?

  • Mobile Apps, SMS, Email and Voice are all sent at different rates.
  • Mobile Apps are near immediate delivery.
  • Email is batch processed and delivery is governed by each users particular email service.
  • SMS is done via “Short Code” service through a third party service provider. Rates can vary from 1 SMS/Sec. in trials to 500 SMS / Sec. in production environments.
  • Voice dial alerts can be sent at the rate of 600 per minute. Non critical voice dial alerts will not be sent between the hours of 9:00 pm and 9:00 am.

Alert Coalescing

  • It may be the case where a user has multiple “My Locations” subjected to a common Alert Zone.
  • Rather than send out multiple alerts, Voyent Alert! consolidates the messages into one, and appends the “Affected Location” details to the header information. Personalization (i.e. distance and direction to event etc.) is taken from the closest location to the Alert’s core boundary.


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