9. Importing .kml and .kmz Files - Voyent Alert!

9. Importing .kml and .kmz Files

Follow steps as outlined in the images below:

1) Voyent Alert! has the ability to import .kml/.kmz files to create zones – You may have a GIS department or team that can provide you with .kml or .kmz files that define specific areas within your region. You now have the ability to import these files into Voyent Alert to assist in creating precisely defined static zones in your templates.  Click the Import button, then select the .kml/kmz file to load. The zone is placed according to the exact location specifications of the imported file. Once placed, the zone(s) can not be moved, however, they can be renamed, color adjusted or deleted via the usual controls.

2) Select the file to import.

3) Sample of a zone created via imported .kmz file

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