4. Public Topics - Voyent Alert!

4. Public Topics

A Public Topic acts as a category for an ongoing series of notifications related to the topic. For example, ‘Waste Pickup Reminders’, ‘Civic Celebrations’, or ‘Road Closures’.

Recipients may optionally un/subscribe to receive notifications from each Public Topic in their My Topics account settings.

By default, all recipients are subscribed to a new topic. This ensures that they will become aware of the topic when they begin to receive notifications for it. They can then decide if they wish to continue to receive notifications from the topic and, if desired, unsubscribe from the topic by adjusting their “My Topics” settings.

1)  Creating a Topic – Begin by selecting Public Topics from the left hand menu.


2)  Press the ADD NEW button.


3) Public Topics require a meaningful Name and Description. All new subscribers registering to Voyent Alert will automatically be subscribed to all Public Topics. It is up to the subscriber to opt out if desired. For more information on subscriber opt out click here.


4) Enter the Name and Description and press the SAVE TOPIC button. Only Informational alerts qualify as topics. Do not create topics for Critical Incident Notifications.


5)  The new Public Topic appears in a list where you can view how many are subscribed, which admin created the topic, etc.


6) To add a Public Topic opt out to an alert, select the Recipients tab and choose the Public Topic(s) to include. Only alerts that have a Notification Severity of Informational have this option available. A Public Topic must be assigned to any outgoing Informational alerts. If you do not have a public topic defined fitting of the alert then select General Notices as the topic.

By selecting the appropriate public topic you ensure that only those who have not opted out will receive the notification.


**Alerts that are Critical priority will not allow Public Topics.**


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