6. Recipient Response for End Users (Evacuation Scenario) - Voyent Alert!

6. Recipient Response for End Users (Evacuation Scenario)

The Recipient Response feature allows a simple 2 way communication to be present within an alert message. This feature can be used to call out to predefined groups for internal communication or as a critical response method during emergency alerts to the general population. In the following scenario a response is requested from end users in critical danger.

1)  Begin by creating a Critical notification zone.

2) In the Description field add the required information (if not already filled in from the template). In this case it is the incident is a flood with a mandatory evacuation order.

3)  Designate the Recipients – Select the Recipients tab. In this scenario we are sending the notification All Recipients. Those located in the Evacuation Zone will have the chance to respond.

IMPORTANT** If you also want to send the alert to Recipient Groups, create another alert zone (it can overlap existing zones) and designate the Groups as the Recipients. you can use a separate Acknowledgement dialog for the groups. The Notify on Response option allows the admin to specify a Recipient Group to be notified when the recipients respond. This could be an Admin type group designated to watch for responses. This feature is only available when sending a notification to Recipient Groups.


4)  Select the Recipient Response tab. Enter the Question to be sent to the recipients. Then enter 1 to 4 possible Responses for the recipient to choose from.
The Request Location option forces the recipient to pick their location from a list (current location, mom’s house, etc.) when responding.

5) Now that the alert is prepared and your Acknowledgement question and responses are in place, press the PREVIEW button to preview the alert. The alert preview now includes the RESPONSE REQUESTED section at the bottom. Click on the RESPONSE REQUESTED section to preview the responses. If satisfied, activate the alert, if more editing is required, press the Arrow control to return to the editor.


6) When the recipient views the received alert, the RESPONSE REQUESTED section appears at the bottom of the alert body.  The recipient should tap the red section then press the green RESPOND button.
NOTE* The recipient will only see the Response Requested portion of the alert from this view. SMS users would have to click the link in the SMS message and mobile app users would have to tap the native notification to become aware of the response request. You may want to include the words “Response Requested” in the title of the alert before sending it out.


7)  The recipient will choose their response.


8) Once the response is chosen the choice is saved. If the recipient wants to change their response they can do so by pressing the CHANGE RESPONSE button.

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