7. Region Information, Configuration and Geography - Voyent Alert!

7. Region Information, Configuration and Geography

Region Information

The Region Details and Welcome Customization can be edited by Region admins.

From the Information tab Region Details can be edited. These are the region identifiers that will be displayed when a subscriber is registering to use the service. This information is already in place when we set up your account, however it can be modified as needed. For example, you can upload a new town logo or change the town motto, etc.



An optional Welcome Customization can be added. This allows opportunity to add more information into the welcome dialogue for new subscribers.


Region Configuration

General Settings

Notifications – An Administrative Recipient Group can be selected to receive a notification for every alert activated. The recipient will be prompted to log in with their admin credentials to view the alert details.

Linked Device Credentials – It is recommended that a mobile administrator is required to log in every time they use the Mobile Admin functionality. This prevents the unauthorized use of a linked device.


Administrator Reminders

Alert reminders can be enabled, disabled or modified. Modifying a reminder is a global action that affects all admins. It is recommended to keep the alert reminders enabled.



The boundary of your region can only be modified by ICEsoft personnel. Please contact your sales rep or support if the boundary is not accurate.


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