3. Reviewing Alert Content, Recipients and Acknowledgement - Voyent Alert!

3. Reviewing Alert Content, Recipients and Acknowledgement

1)  Review the Alert content for each zone. Be sure to modify the placeholders in the Instructions editor with the information you want to convey. In example 1 you will need to replace the bold blue text in (Enter Name of Shelter Here) with the name of the shelter. It is recommended that your static shelter locations be saved with your alert templates, however if they are not you can edit this information in the alert content.
Variables within the Description editor are enclosed in square brackets ie. [AffectedLocation] and do not require any text editing. They work behind the scenes to deliver contextual messaging to the alert recipients.
Read more about Variables here.


2)  Select the Recipients tab to designate the recipients to notify. By default All Recipients is selected. If you would like to notify Recipient Groups exclusively, you can select one or more of the listed groups.
Read more about Recipient Groups here.



3) Select the Location Types to Notify. By default All Location Types is selected.


4) Social Media posting can only be used with alerts that have an Entire Region Zone included. There is no contextual information (distance to zone etc.) included in Entire Region Zone alert contents. Social media recipients will see only simplified alert information. Alert admins will have to enter their social media account credentials in a one time log in procedure.


5)  Select the Acknowledgement tab if any recipient acknowledgement is to be included in the alert.  Enter an optional Acknowledgement question and 1 to 4 answers for the recipients to respond with. The sample below includes a question and answer that may be required in an evacuation situation. The Request Location option prompts the recipient to select which location applies (home, work etc.). The Notify on Response option allows designation of a specific recipient group to receive notifications in real time as responses come in.
Read more about Acknowledgement here.



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