8. Scheduling an Alert - Voyent Alert!

8. Scheduling an Alert

Scheduling an Alert

Alerts can be scheduled to run once or set up on a recurring schedule.

Click the Schedule button in the alert preview.  





A popup dialog will appear.

1) Select the Starts field and enter the starting date and time.

2) Select the Ends field and enter the end date and time or select the Duration field and select the duration from the pull down menu.

3) Click the Schedule button. The alert will start and finish based on your dates and times.

*Note –  all times are local to the region.


Recurring Alerts

An alert can be configured as a recurring scheduled alert whereby the alert can be scheduled to activate at the same time and for the same duration (up to 23 hours) on multiple future dates as selected in a calendar.

Recurring Alerts appear as a single scheduled alert entry in the Alerts list. In addition, when a recurring alert activates it generates a new Active alert in the list for the duration of the activation period.



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