Quick Start Service

Voyent Alert! Quick Start is a rapid deployment service designed to get you up and running quickly with a minimum of effort on your side. When time is short or if your hands are full dealing with other priorities ICEsoft’s Support team can step in and provide the extra assistance you need.

When you need help the most, we can get you up and running within hours of engagement.

Quick Start Service includes:

  • Account creation (including building out reporting groups, assigning admin privileges, integration to your social media feeds etc.)
  • Customization of rollout collateral to your community such as email templates, physical mail outs, phone/radio scripts, and web page templates as well as short videos to introduce the service and registration. This communication package assists with onboarding, advising your residents of how and where to access the service.
  • Customization of notification templates to better align with your specific emergency plan requirements.
  • Direct end user support during rollout.
  • Running the system on your behalf and under your direction until you have the time to take the system over yourself.

We can get you up and running fast.

Contact us now for a quick turn quote specific to your particular requirements.

Phone: 1-877-263-3822

Email: product.sales@icesoft.com