Mass Notification System for Businesses

Monitor YourRemote Workforce

Businesses that require remote staff to maintain their operations are often challenged with communicating effectively and within a single platform. It is often a combination of voice, text, and emails that are relied upon to ensure consistent communication between field workers and the office. But this kaleidoscope of platforms can often lead to incomplete information being exchanged, as well as reduced efficiency and administrative time sorting through chains of messages.

A mass notification system like Voyent Alert! can aggregate this piecemeal data into a single platform. And given that it’s cloud-based, it can be accessed by all team members anywhere they have a cellular or internet connection.

Employee Health and SafetyCan Save Lives

Utilize 2-way communication and recipient response to receive status updates or responses from employees to gain real time insights and make quicker more informed decisions about your most important asset.

Quickly confirm exit and assess if your employee is out of harm’s way via geolocation employee awareness.

Power InThe Field

You can give your remote field staff the power to instantly initiate an emergency alert at their site with the mobile admin feature. Within 4 clicks an emergency alert will be sent out from the incident scene and other admins can revise the alert throughout the incident and keep everyone apprised of the ongoing situation.

And if a catastrophic event occurs that requires site evacuation, your field staff can sound the first alarm by quickly sending targeted and enriched media alerts to evacuate the site quickly and efficiently. Voyent Alert! goes beyond the traditional text-based offering and provides more context to evacuees, including personalized map directions to a muster point, distance from and direction to the incident, and essential safety information.

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Lone WorkerMonitoring

If your business is sending employees out to field sites, whether in the back-country or along rural roads, their safety is paramount. With Voyent Alert!, you can not only monitor where these lone workers are, but through instant two-way polling you can ask them for scheduled status updates.