Solutions For First Responders

Instant CommunicationAnd Response

During a critical incident response, instant and effective communication can mean the difference between life and death. As first responders, people count on you to help them survive some of the worst moments of their lives. While traditional CB radio is the standard communication vector that you use during these emergencies, Voyent Alert! provides a suite of features specifically designed to supplement traditional voice channels and give you the power to more effectively respond to critical incidents.

Instant Public Communication

The moment a critical incident is identified, Voyent Alert! can instantly notify affected users, letting them take proactive steps to mitigate the impact to them. But beyond traditional text or audible notifications, these alerts can be laser-targeted to only those in an affected radius of the incident, and can also delineate warning thresholds to give a “heads up” to those who are not immediately affected, but nonetheless need to be on alert.

You can also code these alerts with map pins to denote evacuation shelters, turn-by-turn directions to ensure the most efficient egress from an evacuation zone, and one-click user response that can provide real-time feedback.

Know Your Team

Advanced two-way communication equips your team with the power to instantly communicate their location to all team members. The Rally-to-Me function can instantly pin a map to an active alert, which can be life-saving in cases where victims are located in areas of properties to which team members do not have line of sight.