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Keep StudentsSafe And Informed

Today’s students are the most digitally-connected of any cohort in history. They are increasingly shunning traditional forms of communication, like television, radio and print media, and live their lives on their mobile phones.

Their world has changed. And to reach them, so should your communication platform.

Voyent Alert! gives you the power to reach your students, faculty and staff where they are most receptive. Send enriched alerts through the app or via email, or broadcast your message across social media. Multi-platform delivery ensures that you can reach your audience, no matter their messaging affinities.

Mass notification system for emergency alerts

Instant AlertsCan Save Lives

During mass casualty incidents and active threat situations, getting detailed and relevant information out to those at risk can mean the difference between life and death. Through advanced geofencing and geolocation, Voyent Alert! can instantly tell those affected where the incident is occurring, as well as give them turn-by-turn directions to evacuate along the most efficient route and towards the safety of first responders.

You can also include detailed instructions, and embed one-click response forms into the enriched alerts so that those in the affected area can immediately respond.

Non-CriticalIncident Alerts

Many potential, non-critical incidents can also have a detrimental impact on your students. You can notify the entire student body, or certain grades or even classes, of facility closures, infectious disease exposure, or even upcoming campus events.