Rapid Dissemination of Critical Information


When it comes to a crisis situation, it’s crucial to communicate localized, relevant, and timely information to the public. Alerts via an emergency notification system and mobile alerts can help keep people safe and informed.

More Than Text

Voyent Alert! goes beyond the traditional text-based offerings currently on the market by displaying personalized map, distance, and direction from an incident. It also communicates important safety information, such as egress routes, mustering points, the location of the nearest shelters, and more.

These enriched alerts provide users with relevant information, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions. Advanced geotargeting and audience segmentation ensures notifications are sent only to relevant users. This concise recipient selection process helps to ensure that a critical notification is not disregarded as unimportant or as spam.

The Right MessageFor The Right Audience

Unfortunate events such as major accidents, fires, floods and violent weather can strike at any time. Despite best efforts, getting a warning out to constituents via conventional methods may not be enough. Voyent Alert! can be used as a valuable tool in your emergency preparedness plan. 

When an alert is issued, Voyent Alert! users received customized notifications based on their particular circumstance and proximity to the event. 

For example, a train carrying toxic materials has derailed near a residential area. A Voyent Alert! Train Derailment alert has been issued. The recipient resides in the Evacuation Zone and is given an immediate evacuation order.

Each alert can contain important information such as the name and location of a safe shelter, an evacuation checklist, safety instruction and more.

When a user registers for Voyent Alert! they can add additional important locations such as workplace, a child’s school or a relative’s home. When a user is not located in a critical threat zone, but any of their additional locations are, the user will be notified, and can take action accordingly.

While traditional provincial or federal text-based messaging is helpful, it does not convey the sense of urgency that may be required to get people’s attention. Voyent Alert’s graphically enriched and personalized notification content is priceless in a time of crisis.