Historically, community members relied on traditional communication channels to stay up-to-date about events, disruptions, and general announcements regarding where they lived, worked, and played. And while local news, billboards, and social media still remain powerful communication tools, emerging trends like cord-cutting, distrust of social media networks, and the sheer volume of information that people are forced to process on a daily basis can limit the effectiveness of these messages.

Pierce ThroughThe Noise

With Voyent Alert!, you can get your message out in a laser-targeted and compelling fashion to the right people, at the right time, with the right information.

Public works announcements, snow removal, garbage day changes, road closures and even local events can all be communicated to affected or interested community members. These day-to-day alerts form the backbone of day-to-day life. While traditional mass media is effective at conveying announcements to large segments of a population, the more localized an issue, the less effective it becomes.

For instance, if a bridge requires maintenance closure on one extreme end of your city or jurisdiction, it is not necessarily relevant to those who live and work on the opposite end. Similarly, if street cleaning is planned for one neighbourhood that necessitates a street parking ban, it is irrelevant to residents of communities that are no where near that location.

Voyent Alert! solves these mass-market issues through advanced geofencing, which allows you to easily define a precise region to notify. Whether it’s only one street or many, only impacted residents are notified. Keeping notifications relevant to the audience helps ensure that a message is not ignored.

Save TimeAnd Costs

Traditionally, much time, effort and cost is associated with keeping community members informed. From printing and placing signage, advertisements, distributing flyers or sending direct mail, these traditional communication vectors consume budget and resources. By leveraging Voyent Alert!, you can send announcements for a fraction of the cost and effort over traditional methods.


Almost all events and disruptions are known and planned in advance. Whether for a month, a season, or an entire year, things like repaving projects, changes to public transit schedules, and even public holiday operating hours, are scheduled months before they occur.

With Voyent Alert!, the moment these plans are finalized by you and your team, you can create, schedule, and queue the alerts to deploy, up to two years in advance. This substantially reduces time waste, as it can all be done at once and scheduled to trigger on a specified date, with leads and lags taken into account.

And best of all, these alerts can be scheduled from anywhere you have a cellular signal or internet access. With Voyent Alert!, there is no software to download, as the entire platform is cloud-based.

Beyond TheMundane

The types of alerts you can send are limited only by your imagination. You can engage your community by using Voyent Alert! to easily send announcements for upcoming elections, town meetings, festivals, markets, parades, sporting events and more.