Stay Aware, Informed and Connected

Team & GroupCommunication

Whether it’s during an emergency or across a geographically-diverse labour force, Voyent Alert! is built with the tools your teams need to ensure they provide the most complete and effective response to their tasks. You can equip these groups with all of the information they need, delivered instantly to their mobile devices, and can give them a channel to communicate directly with you.

Any ChannelAny Member

You can target communications to specific teams of any size within your organization with one message that can be delivered across all, or some, of the available delivery channels simultaneously. Communications can be delivered through the Voyent Alert! mobile app, by text message, email or even to landlines and cell phones through our robust text-to-speech engine. This saves you the time and hassle of having to manage multiple communication channels.

And segmentation can be as broad or as precise as you require, from small groups to entire municipal departments. You can create custom teams through the administrator portal, such as emergency response teams, City Council, or a specific crew assigned to a utility maintenance project.

Advanced FeaturesAt Your Fingertips

We’ve worked closely with our clients and leading first responders to develop and integrate advanced features into the Voyent Alert! platform that make it faster and easier to respond to situations.

One-click Team Response

Indicate availability, location and response time with the click of a button.

2-Way Communication

Your team can communicate with you and each other during a response.

Rally to Me

Immediately flag your position so that team members can quickly find you.