Frequently Asked Questions

About Voyent Alert! +

Voyent Alert! is a notification system that uses advanced geospatial technology to send personalized alerts for emergencies and day-to-day civic activities.

Rather than receive a generic message about an event taking place in your town, with Voyent Alert! you receive detailed information that is relevant to you. Our alerts are able to provide critical details including an event’s distance and direction from you, scheduled time and your next steps, whether that be when you need to move your car for street cleaning or step-by-step directions to the nearest evacuation shelter.

The result is that the message you receive provides the important information, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions.

Federal and provincial services advise users about issues at a provincial, or district level. In order to effectively notify the variety of users in these regions, federal and provincial alerts are general warnings.  How they might impact you, specifically, might not always be immediately apparent.

Voyent Alert! works at a more refined level. We provide you with customised information including where the alert is relative to you and your immediate next steps.

Additionally, as Voyent Alert! is administered at the community level it can be used for general day to day communications and local services (i.e. 311 features).

No. You will not be charged to download our app or use our service.


You will only ever receive a notification if it is relevant to a location you have selected. If the communication is regarding something on the other side of town, you won’t be bothered.

No, our service is very simple to use. When you first register tool tip and ‘help bubbles’ are included to guide you. If you ever get stuck, simply click on the “?” on the side of the screen for assistance. Additional support can be found here, on our Frequently Asked Questions page.  

No. We have done away with usernames and passwords. Instead, the service uses a simple yet highly secure model called Two-Factor Authentication.

When you wish to log into your web-based account, simply enter the email or SMS phone number that your alerts are going to. A 4-digit login code is then transmitted to you via that channel. Once you receive it, simply enter the verification where requested.


The only information required to register is a postal code and phone number or email address. No other personal information such as your name, address, personal status etc. is required. Please see the Voyent Alert! Privacy Policy for more details.

Voyent Alert! is a cloud-based service utilizing Canadian-based resources for operations and storage.

ICEsoft undertakes measures to ensure that Voyent Alert! is compliant with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada (PIPEDA).

We want you to know exactly what you are registering for. Here you will find more information about what Voyent Alert! is and what you can expect when using our service.

Registration for Voyent Alert! +

You can register for the service in one of two ways:

1.  If you would like to use Voyent Alert! on your smart phone download and install the Voyent Alert! mobile application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then simply enter in your postal code and follow the instructions.

2. If you would like to receive Text, Email or voice call notifications visit our web-based registration page here. After you enter in your postal code a registration code will be sent to you by your chosen method.  Once you enter the registration code, registration is complete.


Provided they have a smart device or access to email or a phone, you can assist them with installing from an app store or via the web-interface to receive email or text alerts.


Visitors to the community can register with a local postal code just like local residents. They will be notified if any alerts are sent out that affect to any of the “My Locations” they may have set.

If you are having difficulty registering with your postal code, try our “Find on a Map” tool. This button should be on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Select this and enter either the name of your town or your address into the search bar.

Once you have hit the small checkbox to confirm the address you will be asked to subscribe to the town! Continue with registration from here. If it still does not appear, you may have to contact a town representative to confirm that your town is registered correctly with Voyent Alert! We apologise for any inconvenience.

After you have logged in to Voyent Alert! click on the menu options icon (three horizontal bars) located on the top of the screen and selected ‘My Profile’.

Once in ‘My Profile’ select unsubscribe and you will be unregistered.

Interested in registering? Here you will find information about our quick and easy registration process.

Using Voyent Alert! Guidance and Support +


Provided you are connected to a mobile service or can access your email, the alerts will get to you wherever you are, even if you are outside your town or region.

Yes. Voyent Alert! utilizes a “silent notification” mode on smart devices so the app can be closed at anytime.

If you are using a mobile app, log-in simply by opening up Voyent Alert! on your smart device.

For Text/SMS, Email and Voice users, go to our login page and enter your email or phone number . A 4-digit login code will then be sent to your email or phone. Once you receive it, simply enter the code.

All alerts and notifications that affect you will be sent directly to your device through your selected method of communication (the app, phone, SMS/Text or email). To learn about the alert simply open up the message or answer your phone.

However, if you would like to review the alert after the initial
notification please use the following steps:

Voyent Alert App Users: Open the Voyent Alert! App and select the button on the bottom left of the screen (showing an exclamation point inside of a square). Then select the alert you would like to see.

Text/Email Users: Follow the “Full Details” link sent in the initial notification. This will take you directly to alert.  If you are no longer able to access the initial notification, login to your account here and select ‘Notifications’ in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Voice Users: Login to your account here. Once you have logged in select ‘Notifications’ in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Open your Voyent Alert! app or login to your Voyent Alert! account. Once in the system  click on the “My Locations” tab. For web-based users this is located in the top right corner, while it is located in the bottom right hand corner for Mobile App users.

From here you can add one or more locations such as “Kid’s School”, or  “Mom’s House”. To add a new location simply click and hold a spot on the map and a popup window will appear allowing you to label the new location. Alternatively, you can enter in an address through the “Add Location” button in the top right of the screen.

Press and hold the name or icon for the location you would like to move.  

Once selected drag and drop the icon to the correct location.

Select the name or icon for the location you would like to delete.

Once it has been selected, press the trash can image located at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Open your Voyent Alert! app or login to your Voyent Alert! account.

Once in the system hit the Menu button located in the top left (shown as three horizontal bars), then select “My Topics”. Hit the ‘subscribed’ box on the left of the screen for any of the topics you would like to unfollow. Once the blue check mark disappears you will no longer receive notifications from that topic.

Open your Voyent Alert! app or login to your Voyent Alert! account.

Once in the system hit the Menu button located in the top left (shown as three horizontal bars), then select “My Topics”. Hit the ‘subscribed’ box on the left of the screen for any of the topics you would like to follow. Once a blue check mark appears you will receive notifications from that topic.

From the first time you open Voyent Alert!, we hope that you see how easy it is to use. However, we appreciate that at times it can be helpful to read instructions. Here you will find simple and clear explanations for how to use Voyent Alert!