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Your people rely on you to give them the information they want and need. And now there’s a mass notification system to make doing so easier, faster, and smarter. Voyent Alert! is a multi-purpose digital communication service and emergency alerting app that is designed to support your organization, community or business through rapid dissemination of targeted information with enriched media alerts for both critical emergencies and day-to-day notifications.

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Traditional platforms are limited to bland text notifications and rudimentary text-to-speech. 

Voyent Alert! goes beyond the traditional offerings and gives you the power to include personalized information, maps, visuals and attachments to your alerts. 

These enriched alerts provide users with relevant information, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions, which helps increase registration and engagement among communities and businesses.  

Voyent Alert!Advantages

Strengthen your communications and emergency response by sending relevant and personalized notifications that go beyond traditional methods.

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In our digitized world, people expect instant, seamless and personalized communications. Sending a one-size-message-fits doesn’t cut it anymore.

Catch your people up to speed on everything that’s happening around them, from water advisories and fire bans to property maintenance notices, service outages, and staffing requests with personalized notifications relevant and targeted to them.

Keep people informed so your citizens, staff, and business can put their best foot forward.

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Team & GroupCommunication

Make smarter and faster decisions by unifying your team’s actions without delay or confusion.

Keep your team organized and focused by managing your communications between multiple different departments and stakeholders in one platform across all channels. 

Take advantage of 2-way and group communication, the ability to attach map pins and locations, and our powerful “rally to me” feature to ensure a comprehensive and organized response to all issues.


When an incident impacts your workforce, you need to make smart decisions to prioritize the safety of your employees, respond quickly and maintain business operations.

Alternatively, get ahead of incidents with remote monitoring, third party integrations and early advisory alerts that allow you to communicate more effectively while unifying your teams actions.



Given the past wildfire season and the unprecedented heatwave, now more than ever, we need to have the proper emergency preparedness plans and communication tools to think critically and respond urgently. Read 4 best practices for communicating during a wildfire. 

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Our service provides coverage ranging from remote organizations and small rural communities to very large counties, municipal structures and organizations.  With multi-channel service delivery you can be confident your message is getting out to the people that need it.

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Voyent Alert! is an industry-leading comprehensive software service that is meticulously designed to provide our clients with all of the tools and options they require.

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