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Customer Success Story:

How Good Spirit Housing Authority Improved Tenant & Employee Communications

The Challenge Good Spirit Housing Authority needed a more efficient way to communicate important notices with their tenants and quickly. With over 600 units spread between 3 different communities, they found it incredibly time and labour intensive to properly inform their tenants using traditional methods.   “A lot of the issues we deal with are...

Customer Success Story:

Town of Assiniboia Streamlines Community Communications

The town of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, needed a more efficient way to communicate with its citizens and respond to local activities and events that affected their day-to-day well-being. Outdated notification methods delayed responses and created disjointed communication between mature and young demographics. Citizens were frustrated that they weren’t receiving relevant messages when it matters most.

Customer Success Story:

More Than an Emergency Alert System: How Meadow Lake, SK Diversified its Communication

The Challenge Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, was searching for a multi-purpose software solution that could efficiently notify its city staff to respond to the emergency management operations centre. They needed a way to quickly communicate with their staff on emergency-related services and have greater control over the distribution of messages to localized residents so that communication...

Customer Success Story:

How Chestermere, AB Upgraded Its Communications with Citizens and First Responders

The Challenge Like many small cities and towns, Chestermere, AB, was looking to identify a way to rapidly provide their citizens with reliable and accurate information about emergency incidents that concern their well-being, safety, and daily interactions. The Solution Under the directive of the City’s Communications and Community Safety Teams, the City of Chestermere leveraged...