Voyent Alert!



Mass Notification in Vivid Detail

Deliver visually engaging and personalized alerts to your recipients and provide more context in less time. Enriched alerts give you powerful tools that aren’t available in competing business or government packages.

The Voyent Alert!Difference

As opposed to conventional notification solutions that deliver alerts via generic text or voice-based alerting, Voyent Alert! leverages a map-based alerting package that can include important visual cues such as images, documents, or turn by turn directions relative to your recipient in Google Maps.


Color-coded alerts to highlight severity

Visual Badges that convey the type of alert

Personalized Maps and Directions

Insert rich media files such as photos or PDFs

Include hyperlinks for more information

Solutions forCommunities & Businesses

For Communities & Municipalities

Easily add documents, layouts, and photos of road closures, community events/announcements, boil water advisories, and more, to create engaging communications between you and your citizens that provide more context to your alerts.

For Businesses

In the event of a site evacuation, service outage, work schedule changes, IT systems outages, or remote worker location incidents, send enriched alerts with personalized media such as evacuation maps, images of remote locations, and PDFs allowing them to make better, more informed decisions.

Did you know?

Relevant, enriched and personalized alerts that are issued at a rate of one notification a month or more help increase organic registration rate 5-10X higher than communities or organizations that issued at a rate of 1-2 alerts per year.  

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