Voyent Alert!




Target communications to specific teams of any size within your organization with one message that can be delivered across all delivery channels simultaneously: app, voice, text, and email. Save yourself the hassle of having to manage multiple communication channels to ensure the delivery and receipt of your message.

Create an unlimited number of groups and target this audience with relevant messages and keep things simple by easily adding or deleting team members when necessary. The service allows for temporary removal for team members/employees who may be off duty or in an on-leave status.

For Communities & Municipalities

Simplify your communications during a critical incident by easily notifying multiple departments, stakeholders or crews simultaneously with the same message across multiple formats.

Site Evacuation Employee Safety

For Businesses

Enhance employee safety & productivity by keeping everyone connected across one platform. For workers located in remote sites or in the field, they can quickly broadcast their location in the event of emerging threats or requests for assistance.

Field TeamRecall

Easily assess team resources, capabilities, and location of your team during a critical event or team assistance request.

Target a specific team or group advising them of an escalating incident and requesting the team’s assistance. Users on the list will receive a critical alert with the map interface identifying the incident site, rally point and a query with a polling question:

“Are you able to respond?”

Along with Admin programmable canned answers such as:

  • "5 minutes away"
  • "15 minutes away"
  • "Unable to respond"

Recipients can provide real-time insights with their query response as well as current location, which can then be tracked by the system administrators for the duration of the alert.

Real LifeScenarios


During an evacuation event, communities can reach out to first responders and team members via a one click-poll to assess ETA to duty stations and broadcast their location.

FOR Businesses

Employees can initiate an assistance request while broadcasting their location to other team members.


Help fulfill staffing gaps in advance of anticipated work surges and fluctuating service capacities. The Field Recall Feature can provide an immediate way to directly contact your team, find available personnel, and advise when the request is filled.


Send out a digital flare to your team or group to locate your position in hard to see or access areas. Rally to Me was developed in conjunction with paramedics and first responders in cases where they may be located out of line sight, in a park or the back end of a property.


Connect with your team when it matters most. Click a single push to dial number for initiating conference calls among your team or group.

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