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Designed with your busy schedule in mind, Voyent Alert! offers an array of features specifically tailored to minimize the time you need to spend creating, managing, and deploying alerts. You can focus more on what matters and leave the communications to the platform.


Pre-designed templates help you get information out fast without errors. An extensive suite of default template styles can be used, customized, or created to meet your specific needs. Placeholders within the templates ensure that critical information is not left out of an alert.  All templates are configurable and editable as part of the alert generation sequence. 

Both emergency and day to day templates are included as part of the base subscription.


Increase your productivity by scheduling notifications ahead of time for pre-planned events.  Alerts can be scheduled with start times, end times, or durations, and/or be subsequently revised by any alert administrator.  Alerts can be created by one administrator and updated/revised by another and resent as new information becomes available or situations change. 

Set up a recurring alert for events that happen regularly and at scheduled times. Warning notices will be sent to you prior to expiration of the recurring alert sequence.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor and assess real-time insights with analytics built directly into the service. Easily forecast the number of estimated notifications to be sent by delivery channel and in a visualized in a map when previewing an alert. 

Once sent, view the alert status, and monitor the delivery progress of your notification to assess the impact of your notification.

Ensure your message has been received and acknowledged in real time with read recipient confirmation when using the polling feature and easily filter through responses and export relevant details.

Reporting dashboards allow for all activities to be analyzed and audited easily for billing.


Cohesive, yet defined.  Department by department branding and integration allows for various departments to use the same solution but be provided with unique issuer identifications tailored to their group.

Pre-built alert templates can be constructed for each department and quickly identified through dedicated search labels and tags in the template list. Each template can have customized visual branding identifiers unique across each issuer group.

Individual department usage can be tracked, and billing reports can be allocated accordingly.


FOR Businesses


A user-friendly management interface is provided so that you can easily manage settings, roles, and data in a way that is effective for your organization.

Clearly Define Roles:


Segmenting with topic groups helps provide relevant messages to a targeted and engaged group. Recipients are automatically registered to receive notifications from all topic groups but can easily opt-out of these informational notifications from their user profiles.


For Business

Test &Training Environments

To reduce the risk of accidentally sending out unplanned or practice alerts to the public, a fully isolated test and training environment is provided.
This environment allows for training to be carried out and acceptance testing to be performed on new features and software releases.

The training environment is colour coded and labelled differently to allow you to quickly identify which environment you are operating from.

Templates for training and testing are also prefaced with a “Training” or “Test” designation to avoid any confusion across Administrators logged into the system.

Account Customization


Customize recipient login pages and account home pages with your branding. Clients can create and edit the messaging, provide contact information, add images and additional content such as privacy information.

Custom Caller ID

Decrease screened or filtered out calls stemming from an unknown number or source with a custom Caller ID and Call Nametag at no additional cost.

Once programmed all voice calls will show up with the custom Caller ID / Name associated with that number. Any auto call-back calls returned to the voice call alert will be directed to the programmed number.


For enterprise organizations, create a unique registration form to capture name, address, employee number, job title, department etc.

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