Voyent Alert!

Reduce Adoption TimeAnd Increase Uptake

Get them started in as little as a few clicks.


To encourage adoption any user can easily register in less than a minute.

Safeguard delivery and register to receive notifications via one or more preferred communication channels by installing the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or visiting the web registration page to sign up for email, text message or phone call alerts.

Stay connected and receive alerts for multiple locations anywhere in the region (home, work, school, daycare, Grandma’s House or a nearby vacation property) The registrant simply “drops a pin“ on any location they care to monitor. No specific address information is required.

In cases where you have a database already, a mass registration import can be executed in compliance with federal/provincial regulations to preserve current data. 


User registration is anonymous and requires only a postal code or city/town name. No usernames or passwords are required with our dual-factor authentication model.

Post incident studies on emergency notification usage have consistently shown that the most significant barriers to community adoption rates can lie in the time and complexity of the registration process as well as the depth of information required during the registration. 


Contribute to and support the overall well-being of your community by keeping residents informed and engaged with day to day notifications that will help make their lives easier.

Notify residents of upcoming construction work, public notices, facility closures, or trail closures, so they can plan and make the best decision for them and their families.

Garner feedback and insights from your community, so that you can make more informed decisions in how best to support your community.

It has been shown that communities, who issue alerts at a rate of one notification a month or more, experience an organic registration rate 5-10X higher than communities that issue at a rate of 1-2 alerts per year. Thus, both day-to-day and emergency notifications are driving organic registration growth rates significantly higher than those that just send emergency notifications.


Reach everyone when it matters most in a format that is useful to them.


Save money and amplify local announcements. As part of a regional district or county you can amplify provincial or federal notifications during emergencies to your residents, but also tailor communications about local day to day happenings to better represent and inform your community.

With a long history of support integrations across a wide variety of cross government configurations, Voyent Alert! users will be able to automatically receive alerts from issuing communities based on their location pin placements and any issuing agencies responsible for providing coverage to that location. 

There will be no need for users to register across multiple Voyent Alert! community accounts. Users will receive alerts for all their followed locations when issued by multi-jurisdictional parties or administrators such as police or fire. 

Leverage an existing registration base in your regional district or county and work together to add more value to your community.

System usage is monitored on a community by community basis and usage billing (if any) is allocated to the party responsible for issuing the alert.


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