6. Issuers


Region Administrators can now optionally create additional Issuers that notifications can be “Issued By”.  For example, a municipal district can assign issuer status to it’s towns and villages. A town can assign issuer status to it’s internal departments like Public Works or Emergency Services.

To add issuers, from the main menu chose Region Details then select the Configuration tab. Type in the name of the Issuer you wish to add. This should be the name of the entity, not a personal name.


Press the SAVE CONFIGURATION button. Your new Issuers will appear in a list and will become available to use in alert templates.

To delete an Issuer, press the Garbage icon.



To designate an Issuer into a template or for an alert, select the Issuer in the template/alert content editor.



When an alert is received by a subscriber they will see who the Issuer is at the top of the notification.



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