2. Linking a Mobile Device

Linking a Mobile Device

Only Region and Alert Administrators can be given permission to dispatch mobile alerts. This requires a “Linked Device”.

1) Log in to the web application with your Region Administrator or Alert Administrator credentials.


2) Select Linked Devices from the menu on the top right.



3) Press the LINK NEW DEVICE button.


4) The Link New Device dialog is shown. Follow the steps outlined in the dialog. When completed press LINK SELECTED DEVICE.


Mobile app view of AUID


5)  Wait for the notification to display on the linked device. Tap the notification to start the verification process.


6) After tapping the notification you will be prompted to enter your password to complete the verification process.


7) Go back to the desktop application where you are logged in as a region or alert administrator. Now that the device has been linked it can be viewed from the Linked Devices view in the web application. If the lock icon is red, the verification process has not been completed. If you have completed the verification and the lock is still red try refreshing the page in the browser (press F5 on your keyboard) to update the lock color. A green color indicates that the verification completed successfully.


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