4. Sending an Alert

1) Once satisfied with the state of the alert press the PREVIEW button. All alerts must go into Preview mode before activating.



2)  Review the alert details. This is how the alert will look to the recipients. Step through each alert zone using the Arrow Controls <  >. Each zone has it’s own content. Be sure to review all zones. An estimated number of notifications is shown for each zone.


3) OPTIONAL – Press the TEST button if you would like to send a test alert to yourself. A dialog will appear and allow you to select the test communication format.


4) OPTIONAL – Press the SCHEDULE button if you would like to Schedule an alert to start and finish at specific times. A dialog will appear and allow you to schedule via a date picker or duration. This feature is useful for scheduling day to day communications like street cleaning and snow removal.


5) If you are satisfied that the alert is ready to send, press the ACTIVATE NOW button. The button will display a 5 second countdown timer. You can cancel the activation during the countdown. If you have not yet activated the alert and wish to edit it further, press the arrow button to return to the alert editor.


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