7. Viewing Recipient Responses

An administrator can view the recipient Acknowledgement feedback in the View Alert view.

1) From the Alerts tab, select the alert you wish to view then press the VIEW button.


2) Click on the Recipient Responses tab. If there are multiple zones with Acknowledgement included use the Arrow controls to view the responses for each zone.


3) Responses returned from recipients are shown in tabular data. Note the VIEW ON MAP, FILTER and EXPORT buttons.


4) Pressing the FILTER button will bring up a dialog. You can filter the responses as required. This is helpful when there is a longer list of recipients, or if you are only concerned with a particular response.


5) Pressing the VIEW ON MAP button will open a map and display markers at the recipient’s locations. Different colored markers correspond to the type of response. In this example, those responding yes are shown as green markers, those responding no are shown as blue markers. In the map view, only responses with locations specified are shown.
Learn about requesting a location in a recipient response here.


6) Pressing the EXPORT button brings up a dialog which allows you to label and download a .csv file that can be opened in a text editor or in Excel.


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