Voyent Alert! 1.6.1 New Features & Improvements

Alert Editor

Alert Zones are Address aware

New in version 1.6.1 is the ability to center an alert zone over a specified address.


Use the edit control (pencil icon) to open a Google Map autocomplete dialog. Once a valid address has been selected the alert zone will center over that location.


“Receipt Confirmation” option has been added to Recipient Response editor

A one-click option to add a simple Recipient Response acknowledgement has been added.

When enabled, the Question and 1st Answer fields are pre-populated as follows:

Q: “Please confirm receipt of this notification.”
A: “Confirm Receipt”

In addition, the Question, and Responses fields and +/- controls are all disabled, so no further editing of the Recipient Response is permitted. The Request Location and Notify on Response fields remain active, however (on Response 1).


For more information on recipient response please visit: https://voyent-alert.com/ca/knowledge-base/video-recipient-response/ 
Password if prompted is govoyent

Public Portal

Public Alert Portal checkbox available as Recipient selection

Applies to accounts that have enabled the Public Portal.

The Public Portal is now shown as a selectable recipient in Entire Region alert zones and is enabled by default. If you have enabled the Public Portal this control will be made available.

This feature allows you to deselect the Public Portal as a recipient if you are sending an internal communications alert to a Recipient Group.


Public Portal now has a preview status indicator
If the Public Portal is set as a recipient a green checkmark will be shown in the alert preview


For more information how to enable your public portal please visit: https://voyent-alert.com/ca/knowledge-base/video-introduction-public-portal/
Password if prompted is govoyent


Public Portal web view hides the Entire Region Zone shape when a Primary zone exists
A higher resolution view is now available on Public Portal alerts that have a primary zone.

Recipient Alert View

Distinct language for labelling deprecated, revised alert notifications
Alerts with a status of “Updated”, “Ended”, or “Revised: No Longer in Effect” are highlighted in the alert header.

Deprecated Alerts

(alerts that have been revised) now show with a strike through

By clicking the arrow control at the top level of any revised alert, an expanded view will allow recipients to see all forms of the alert. Deprecated alerts appear with a strike-though.

Performance Improvements

This release contains significant performance improvements when previewing and activating alerts with larger numbers of targeted recipients. Most notably, it addresses the issue whereby recipients may experience extended delays when attempting to view the notification details from a recently received alert notification.

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