Voyent Alert! 1.6 Release Notes

Voyent Alert 1.6 New Features & Improvements

Public Alert Portal

Map scaling improvements to scale maps to show all active alert zones on the map, even if they reside outside of the region geography.

Recipient App

  • Will now show deprecated notifications in the notification list (previously only the latest/currently active notification would be shown).
  • Notification Grouping – When more than one notification related to a single Alert is present in the notification list, they will be grouped together nested below the top-level notification. This makes viewing related notifications easier and reduces confusion when multiple notifications from different alerts are present.

Alert Management

  • Alert Grouping – When more than one related alert is visible in the alert list, they will be grouped together nested below the top-level alert. For example, if a currently Active alert and one or more of its deprecated alerts are in the list, the deprecated alerts are now nested under the Active alert. Similarly, if a Recurring Scheduled Alert has a currently Active alert and/or Ended alerts that it spawned, they will be grouped together and nested under the Recurring Scheduled Alert row.

  • It is now possible to Schedule an Alert Revision to activate at a future time (the currently active alert remains active until the revision activates, at which time it is deprecated).
  • Active alerts that have a scheduled End time will now preserve their original end-time (by default) when they are revised.

View Alert

  • The View Alert interface now mimics the Preview view for an alert, with each zone’s contents and map displayed on a card together.
  • Placeholders replacement values are now shown in the View Alert zone contents.

Template / Alert Editor

  • Map Only Zones – It is now possible to configure a zone to not generate notifications. These zones will only have a shape and label on the alert map, with no availability to specify Contents, Recipients, etc. These zone shapes will appear on all notification maps for notifications issued by any other zones in the alert. This is ideal for showing the location or area of an incident, muster point for an evacuation, etc. on the notification map. To use this feature, draw the shape and toggle Notify Recipients to off. Some of the sample templates have non-notifiable alert zones already in place.
  • See bottom of page for a list of sample templates that now have non-notifiable alert zones.

  • New Square/Rectangle tool on the map toolbar makes it simple to add/scale/resize a rectangular shaped alert zone.

  • Alert validation errors are now reported prior to entering “Preview” mode, making it faster and simpler to correct errors while still in Alert Edit mode.
  • An alert zone’s contents may now include URL links for “mailto://” and “sms://” protocols.


Mobile Administration


  • Mobile admins may now optionally specify a scheduled End time for an alert when activating it.


Activity & Billing Reports

  • Activity Reports are will now report notification counts accurate up to the previous day’s activity, regardless of the alert’s status. Previously alert notifications were only counted on the day the alert was deprecated or ended.
  • Monthly activity chart columns can be expanded to show a daily breakdown for the month by clicking on the tooltip for the column.
  • An issue that could result in over-stating the number of SMS segments/units consumed in specific circumstances has been corrected.

Region Configuration – Corporate Level Only

  • Custom Agreements – A region may now optionally configure one or more region-specific agreements that new recipients must agree to during registration.
  • Custom Profile Form – A region may now optionally configure a custom form of additional information that a recipient may (or must) enter during registration, and also in their “My Profile” view. Note that specifying a custom form will also automatically add a requirement to fill in the recipient’s First and Last Name, so is only suitable for regions with non-anonymous registration policies.
  • A region’s geography can now consist of multiple non-overlapping geographic shapes, if required.

Recipient Management – Corporate Level Only

  • A new Recipient Management view may be enabled (at an account level) that allows Region Admins to view all registered recipients in their region, and add/view/edit/disable/remove recipients.
  • Newly added recipients receive a “Welcome/Confirmation” notification to their registered contact point (Email, SMS, Voice call).
  • Administrators can filter recipients based on their status (Pending, Active, Disabled).
  • Recipient self-registration may optionally be disabled to ensure complete administrator control over the who may register as a recipient for the region.
  • Note that this feature is primarily intended for use with non-anonymous regions, such as corporations or institutions.

Corporate Accounts – Corporate Level Only

The following new features may be configured for corporate or institutional customers to provide enhanced recipient management capabilities:

  • Custom Agreements
  • Custom Forms
  • Recipient Management
  • Restricted Self-registration



Sample Templates with non-notifiable zones:

  • Avalanche Road Closure; the slide location is now set as a non-notifiable zone.
  • Community Event: the event location is now set as a non-notifiable zone.
  • Community Watch: Vandalism Report; the incident site is now set as a non-notifiable zone.
  • Emergency Response Team Activation; the incident site is now set as a non-notifiable zone.
  • Landslide Road Closure; the slide location is now set as a non-notifiable zone
  • Major Traffic Event; the incident site is now set as a non-notifiable zone
  • Public Works Advisory; the work site is now set as a non-notifiable zone
  • Road Closure Advisory; the close road is set as a non-notifiable zone
  • Vehicle Accident & Road Closure; the incident site is will be set as a non-notifiable zone.
  • Vehicle Accident; the incident site is now set as a non-notifiable zone.


Mobile Admin Sample Templates with Placeholders:

  • Avalanche Road
  • Extreme Cold Advisory
  • Extreme Heat Advisory
  • Landslide Road Closure
  • Major Traffic Event
  • Tsunami Watch
  • Shelter in Place Advisory
  • Wildlife Advisory
  • Winter storm Warning

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