Voyent Alert 1.8 New Features & Improvements

English and French Language Localization

The 1.8 release includes French language localization for end-user accounts. Community members will be able to access all account features in either English or French by selecting the language of their choice in their profile.

To access this feature, contact your Voyent Alert Administrator to enable French Language support.

New Icons and Templates

The Alert icon styling has been updated and new icons have been added including: a Covid-19 icon, pesticide application, and recreation icons for gyms, libraries, sports events, movies, parks and trails.

The alert templates have also been updated, with new additions include additional Mobile alert options.

External Alert Provider Integrations

Environment Canada is now available as an integrated service. The NOAA Tsunami Alert Integration has also been refined with an option to set specific earthquake parameters to trigger a notification.

These integrations import and activate alerts which notify a Recipient Group. The administrators within the recipient group can then choose to send an alert to send to the general public using the generated alert as a template. The integrations will not directly send out to the wider community.

Increased Email Capacity

Voyent Alert! has switched to a new e-mail service which will allow a larger number of emails to be sent at one time, accelerating the dispatch of extremely large alerts.

New Manage Recipient Features

    • Improved Search Capabilities: The 1.8 release will allow Region Administrator to create complex searches using individual search bars for each table column. Additionally, a table column for Recipient Groups has been added.
    • Remote Community Member Login: Region Administrators will now be able to access a recipient’s account through the “Manage Recipients” Menu. Selecting the user’s contact information will reveal the option to login with full access and permissions. This allows the administrator to edit the recipient account for support purposes.
    • Option to Disable First and Last Name Requirements for ‘Manage Recipients’: Upon request, accounts can choose to disable the first and last name entry previously required by the Manage Recipients menu. This will allow Manage Recipients to be activated without any visible impact for the community registrants.

New Corporate Account Features

    • Option to disable Recipient Verification: Upon request, corporate accounts will now have the option to add recipients without requiring a verification and confirmation of any contact information.
    • Option to disable Public Topics: The 1.8 Release will allow corporate accounts to remove Public Topics. This allows informational alerts to be sent to “All Recipients” without the opportunity for recipients to opt out.


To access the “Manage Recipient’ menu or activate any of the New Account Settings, please contact your Voyent Alert Administrator.

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