Alert Citizens Quicker

Advanced TsunamiMonitoring & Alerting


Working in partnership with the District of Tofino we have developed a comprehensive tsunami monitoring and community alerting solution that expedites the process of alerting citizens during a tsunami.  The solution is deployed and actively running in the District of Tofino and is available to other “at risk” communities along the west coast.  

Early Advisory Leads ToQuicker Response

Do you have a 24/7 reception point to be able to monitor and receive National Tsunami Warning Center (NWTC) alerts from NOAA? If you don’t, you may be left with an inconsistent response that lacks redundancy. 

Ensure a rapid, effective and consistent transition from situational awareness to emergency response and community notification with Voyent Alert! 

In the event that a Tsunami Warning, Advisory, or Watch is issued impacting the coast, our system automatically constructs a critical alert and sends it out to your designated group.

These automatic alerts, provide the early advisory needed for emergency management personnel to rapidly respond to the situation. 



Location, magnitude, and depth of the triggering event as well as NWTC recommended actions.


Signals the severity of the tsunami in relation to the geography.

Visual Forecasts

Include possible tsunami travel time and forecasts visually.

Contextual Alerting

Seconds matter during a critical event. As soon as you receive the autogenerated advisory, simultaneously send an alert to your community members.

Depending on the location of the individual, or an individual’s followed location(s) (i.e., home, office etc.) different alerts may be received.

All evacuation related templates include a map based visual based on a 10M or 20M Elevation Safe Zone indicating:


The ability to provide contextual alerting, can help keep critical roadways free of traffic and provides more relevant information tailored to the individual.

Designed For Emergency Management Personnel

Let’s make your job easier with pre-designed templates that help you act quickly.

Team Recall Alerts

Indicate availability and anticipated time to station.

Situational Updates

Optional location monitoring for emergency team members (in-order to gain real time insights and reports from the ground).

All Clear Notices

Advise the community when the coast is clear.